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Learning Technology Grant Program Overview: NYC Community School District 21
Award Years: 2021-2024

FlippedTIPS in District 21



The FlippedTIPS program will provide three to six days (18 hours) of professional development, online activities, independent time for each teacher to develop technology products aligned to state standards, and follow-up technical assistance from the Directors (professional development providers). At these PD workshops, teachers will be introduced to the educational philosophies of blended learning/flipped teaching as well as the Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition (SAMR) and Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) models of technology integration. Teachers will develop lessons using Open educational resources to meet the New York State Next Generation Standards/Common Core Learning Standards.

The primary challenges will be to demonstrate to teachers how to adapt, using the PPA model, a topic in their existing curriculum to which they will leverage technology to provide students with a problem-solving approach.


Agenda (Yr. 3)

  • TBA, 2023

  • TBA, 2024

  • TBA, 2024

Year 3 Teacher Products

  • Presentation

  • WebQuest

  • Screencast

  • Interactive Video




Year 2 of LTG -Agendas

Year 1 of LTG -Agendas

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