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Amazing Things Happening at Our School!

What an amazing first month of school at Rachel Carson High School. Our students are deeply engaged in their classes and are participating in some outstanding programs. Students in AP Biology classes have been travelling to NEW LAB to participate in south Brooklyn's HE3AT Program through which they will collaborate with students from other schools to identify problems and conduct research to find and propose solutions. We have students who are participating in the Hire Cause Program, making connections with local businesses to plan fundraising events to benefit charitable foundations. Participating Seniors and Juniors are taking our SUPA Science Research class in which they will conduct collaborative science research projects and receive college credit from Syracuse University. We are in the process of having an advanced hydroponics system installed through NY Sun Works and students will raise and maintain tilapia and sustainably grown produce. We have students participating in Amazon's Edhesive Future Engineer Computer Science program, 3-D Printing courses, and a Sustainable Farm Design course to round out our science offerings. This November we will involve student volunteers in the design and construction of indoor vertical gardens. It's an exciting time to be a student and teacher at Rachel Carson High School and we are so excited for what the 2019-20 school year will bring us!

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