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Ms. Johnson

Parent Coordinator



Tel: 718-265-0329 Ext. 2482



Mary Jane Joy                                    Jabbar Hills

PTA Co-President                             PTA Co-President


       Domingo Gurerro  

  PTA Co-Vice President 


        Irene Ramos - Lahbichi                                                    

                  Secretary                                                          Treasurer


Welcome Parents!

Welcome parents to our new school website. We hope that in time you find this as a resource to better assist your children in the growth of their education. Below you will find helpful links to see your child's progress, attendance, and behavior while they go about their everyday. Your parent coordinator, Ms. Johnson is always willing and ready to aid you in any questions or concerns you may have. Welcome to Rachel Carson High School's Family and we thank you for beginning your journey on bettering your child's education.


Upcoming PTA / SLT Meetings 

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