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How many students make up your population?

We are a small school and have limited space. We currently have approximately 500 students, this small population allows us to create a friendly and family environment with the students and staff.

Are there any sports at Rachel Carson High School?

Due to our small size, we currently don’t house any sports inside the school building. For a competitive PSAL league we have a partnership with William E. Grady that allows Rachel Carson student’s to join all available sports teams.

How safe is your school?

The staff of Rachel Carson High School keeps close watch on all students. If in the event there is a problem, it will be mediated amongst administration immediately. Rachel Carson has a zero tolerance for bullying in any form. During dismissal our school safety agents stand watch and secure the safety of our students.


How do I get involved in school clubs?

The bulletin board across the hall from the main office is informative of all upcoming events. If you would like to participate in a YWCA afterschool activity, you must speak with them directly in their office Room 348.

Are there any requirements to join school clubs?

School work comes before any extracurricular activities. A recommendation from a teacher is required for any student to participate in student council trips or events. The minimum GPA is an 80 and you cannot fail one or more classes.

Where do I receive a school metro card?

The metro cards are distributed by Ms. Johnson at the beginning of each semester. If you misplace or damage the metro card, you will have to complete a form and wait 2 week for a new one (Keep them safe). In September I.D.s will be given to each Freshman Student. If you are part of an upper class or a freshman that lost your ID card please fill out the online form under the Students Tab on this webpage and you will receive a new card in one week.


How do I keep track of my child’s grades?

Rachel Carson uses an online service called “Pupilpath”. It is a portal to all your child’s teachers. The process to log on in is in the “parents” section of

What do I do if my child’s having a problem in school?

If there is a problem and you like to address it with administration you are more than welcome to come to the school and speak with them. You are also welcome to email the parent coordinator, Ms. Johnson.

When are the school’s PTA meetings?

Our PTA meets every third Thursday of the month. It is an excellent idea to attend these meetings. You and your child are the voice of Rachel Carson High School. Refreshments are served and we are always interested in your comments and questions.

Student Council 

How do I join Student Council?

Student Council is based on teacher recommendation and hard work. If you are standing out in the classroom and the teacher feels you can handle the responsibility of a student council member, a recommendation will be made. If you are really interested in joining student council please see Mr. Webb and he will monitor your progress. (You never know!)

What is student council responsible for?

The student council meets to decide school events such as dances and trips. They maintain the school store and try to improve the school’s environment. They meet with the principal and bring your voice to reality within reason.

How do I contact student council?

If you have a Facebook they can be reached on the Student Council group page. The email for the student council is on our website under the “Students>Student Council” webpage. You can also find out your student council members using the bulletin board across the hall from the main office and speak with them in person.

School Events

What kind of events go on during the school year?

There is a wide variety of events. This is a major event every month (Dances, Ice Skating, Laser Tag, Bowling, Movies, etc.) these events are usually at a reasonable cost and turn out to be a great deal of fun. Rachel Carson enjoys taking a student’s education beyond the classroom.

How do I participate in student council activities?

After the event is announced, you will be able to either get a permission slip or a ticket, Make sure to regularly check the student council website, Facebook, and bulletin board. You can also just look around for the school for flyers.

How can I suggest a trip or event?

Place take the time to fill out our online survey. This will help incorporate your ideas in what we do throughout the duration of the school year. You can also fill out an idea card and drop it in the student council drop box.

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