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"Excellence in Motion" 

Rachel Carson High School since its inception in 2005 has a history of commitment. We have an extremely dedicated group of teachers’ and staff, an eager and friendly student body, and a clear goal for all of our students. We have high expectations of all of our students and expect you to have high expectations of the faculty. At Rachel Carson High School for Coastal Studies we strive to provide students with social, political, global and environmental awareness and empower them to take action. Our affiliation with the New York Aquarium affords students the opportunities to get hands on experience in working toward environmental preservation. In school we offer various science based courses including core classes: living environment, earth science, chemistry, and physics, while also offering elective science courses including marine science and environmental science. In addition, we offer a strong core curriculum. Our English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Mathematics programs provide rigorous academic studies that effectively prepare students for State Regents Examinations and life beyond high school. We are a small school and this allows our faculty to know all our students personally. Moreover, our small class sizes allow our teachers to give each of their students the personal attention necessary to ensure academic success.


The mission of Rachel Carson High School for Coastal Studies is to promote academic rigor and excellence through a strong standard-based curriculum with a concentration in Marine Biology and Environmental Studies and other institutions offer students opportunities for learning and developing experiences for educational excellence.


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